General FAQs

General FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Health Precautions for the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
All Saints Parish, Manassas, VA—2020

Phase I Re-opening

On the weekend of May 30/31, All Saints will be re-opening for public Masses (Pentecost Sunday). Please read Phase I: Reserve Your Spot to Attend Sunday Mass for complete details. Note that All Saints Catholic Church will be continuing to livestream Sunday Mass at the following updated times: 9:30 AM (English) and 12:00 PM (Spanish).


Please note that this information is subject to change.

On March 16, 2020, Bishop Burbidge, Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington, put into place health precautions for parishes of the Arlington Diocese in light of the national and global crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

General Questions

  1. What is social distancing?
    Social distancing is the means of separating two or more people by distance so that transmission of a virus via droplet contact (coughing or sneezing), direct or indirect contact, or airborne transmission is impeded. For our purposes, social distancing should leave about 6 feet between people.
  2. Will the parish use social media for helping parishioners to remain connected to the parish?
    Yes, please see our social media/website page for more information.


  1. How can I be remotely connected with Mass at the parish?
    For Sundays: All Saints is currently video recording Mass and making it available on Sundays on our Parish Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and website beginning at 9:30 AM in English and 11:00 AM in Spanish. For Weekdays, Monday–Friday, the parish priests will share God’s word.  This video recording will be posted on our All Saints Parish Facebook page.
  2. If I cannot receive Our Lord in Holy Communion, what is “Spiritual Communion?”If for some reason one is unable to receive Our Lord in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, a person may make a “Spiritual Communion.” In making an act of Spiritual Communion we both express our faith in Christ’s Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, and ask Jesus to unite himself to ourselves..A sample prayer expressing this follows:My Jesus,
    I believe that You
    are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
    I love You above all things,
    and I desire to receive You into my soul.
    Since I cannot at this moment
    receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually
    into my heart.
    I embrace You as if You were already there and unite
    myself wholly to You.
    Never permit me to be separated from You.
  3. I had previously scheduled a Mass intention through the parish office. When will that Mass be offered?
    The priests will be offering a private Mass each day, and the previously scheduled Mass intentions will be satisfied.

Private Prayer and Devotions

  1. How can the All Saints Church building be used for private prayer?
    Please see the Private Prayer in the Church page for specific information.

Confessions (Sacrament of Reconciliation)

  1. Will confessions be available?
    Please see the Confession Schedule  for specific information.


  1. What about Baptisms?
    If you have an Infant Baptism that you have already scheduled through the parish office, please contact Linda Gaynord ( order to schedule a  Baptism for an infant, there are limits on how many people may attend the Baptism. Please contact Linda Gaynord (

Weddings & Convalidations

  1. What about weddings?
    All weddings should continue only if absolutely necessary, with the attendance limited to immediate family members. Previously scheduled wedding or convalidations, please
    contact the priest or deacon who is preparing you. Newly engaged couples should contact the parish wedding intake coordinator Linda Gaynord (


  1. Can I have a funeral Mass for my family member?
    Yes, under certain conditions and limitations. All funerals should continue only if absolutely necessary, with the attendance limited to immediate family members. It is important that you speak with the parish funeral coordinator Linda Gaynord ( in order to explore the options available at this time.

Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying

  1. Who among the sick may be visited?
    Pastoral Care of the Sick should be limited to those who are dying and those seriously ill. Communion should not be brought to any other parishioner who is homebound other than as Viaticum (Communion to the dying).
  2. May a deacon or a lay minister take Holy Communion to the sick?
    Deacons and lay volunteers should not be visiting the sick in any official capacity. No. Currently, per the diocesan directives, only a priest may do so.

Holy Week and the Easter Triduum

  1. What will happen for those in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) for those who were to be baptized, confirmed, and/or receive Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil?
    The Religious Education office will be in contact with those who are candidates for Sacraments of Initiation.

Religious Education (RE) and Sacramental Preparation

  1. When will my child in 2nd grade make his/her reception of First Holy Communion?
    We will make a determination about this at a later date. Sacrament of Confirmation
  2. When will my child in 8th grade receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?
    All Confirmation liturgies are suspended until further notice.
  3. When will a High School student who has been preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation receive the Sacrament?
    All Confirmation liturgies are suspended until further notice.

St. Gabriel Mission, Manassas Park

  1. Is the Mission open?
    St. Gabriel Mission will follow similar practices as All Saints Parish.