Cambios importantes en los protocolos COVID

Les escribo a la luz de las nuevas instrucciones del Obispo Burbidge. Debido a la reducción de nuevos casos de COVID-19 en la mancomunidad de Virginia, Virginia está levantando casi todas sus pautas el viernes, 28 de mayo de 2021.

La Orden Ejecutiva (EO) 79 proporciona pautas sobre el uso de máscaras de acuerdo con la reciente modificación de el CDC para las personas vacunadas. La Orden Ejecutiva también da por terminada la resolución EO 72 (séptima enmienda), que tenía amplias directrices para diversos sectores. La terminación de la orden EO 72 elimina las restricciones de distanciamiento social y de ocupación.

Los siguientes cambios entrarán en vigor en la Iglesia de Todos los Santos y la Misión San Gabriel a partir del viernes 28 de mayo.

  1. No hay límites de ocupación en la asistencia a misa como tampoco se requerirá el distanciamiento social, por lo que todos los bancos en la iglesia pueden ser utilizados. Ya no tendremos reservas para las misas del domingo y sábado por la noche.
  2. No vamos a desinfectar o limpiar entre misas como se hizo durante la pandemia.
  3. En cuanto a las cubiertas faciales:
    1. Las personas totalmente vacunadas ya no necesitan usar una máscara en ningún entorno.
    2. Se recomienda a las personas no vacunadas que lleven los cubrebocas basados en la orden 79 EO.
  4. En este momento, la Sagrada Comunión sólo se dará bajo la forma de la Sagrada Hostia.
  5. Las misas seguirán transmitiéndose en vivo.
  6. El uso de coros completos podrá volver a misa. Con la aproximación del verano, muchos coros se toman un descanso, por lo que esos coros se reanudarían en el otoño.
  7. Ahora podrán reintroducirse los siguientes elementos litúrgicos suspendidos durante la pandemia:
    1. Agua bendita
    2. Colecta. Durante un período de tiempo, la colecta se recogerá a la entrada de la iglesia.
    3. El signo de paz (sin contacto físico entre miembros que no son familia).
  8. En este momento, la dispensa de la obligación de participar en la misa dominical sigue vigente. En un futuro próximo se comunicará más anuncios sobre este asunto.
  9. Las escuelas continúan operando en un conjunto separado de pautas. Por ejemplo: Todos los estudiantes, maestros, personal y visitantes deben usar una máscara sobre su nariz y boca mientras están en la propiedad escolar, basados en la orden EO 79.
  10. Confesiones. Reanudaremos el uso de los confesionarios.
  11. Sacramento de la Confirmación. La oficina de Educación Religiosa enviará información actualizada para las familias de las personas que se confirmarán la próxima semana.
  12. Uso de salones en el campus parroquial. Por favor sea paciente mientras decidimos cómo el uso del salón para los grupos parroquiales puede ser reservados. Ya que la escuela todavía está en sesión, todavía hay limitaciones, debido a que la escuela opera en un conjunto separado de pautas.
  13. Ministros litúrgicos. A medida que nos adaptemos a la reanudación de los ministerios litúrgicos, el encargado de los ministerios litúrgicos será la persona de contacto para los cambios en ese ministerio.
  14. References (Executive Orders)
    1. EO79
    2. EO72

Por favor, sean pacientes y caritativos el uno con el otro, mientras trabajamos juntos en estos cambios.

Ofrezcamos oraciones de acción de gracias a Dios que él nos ha llevado a este punto en el tiempo. Oremos también por aquellos en los países en los que continúa la pandemia COVID-19.

Quiero dar las gracias a todos los que han ayudado a través de la pandemia, ya que tuvimos que modificar nuestras prácticas para que pudiéramos tener una capacidad limitada en las masas en estos últimos meses. Los sacerdotes están ansiosos de ver a muchos más que se vuelvan a unir a nosotros en la Misa.

Scheduling a Mass Intention for 2021

Whenever the Eucharist is celebrated, it embraces the entire human family, both living and dead. It is not limited to one person or one intention. The benefits of each Eucharist are infinite and include the whole world.

Nevertheless, the custom of requesting a priest to offer the Mass for a specific intention is a long-standing tradition in the Church. This is because the Church considers the Mass as the greatest possible prayer of intercession insofar as it is the perfect offering of Christ to the Father by making present the Paschal Mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

This refers to commending to the Lord a special intention in addition to the intentions that are included in the celebration of every Eucharist: the Holy Father, the Diocesan Bishop, the clergy and “the entire people you have gained for your own” (Eucharistic Prayer III). Those for whom the Mass is thus offered participate in a special way in the grace of the Eucharistic sacrifice.

Masses may be offered for any good purpose, most commonly for the repose of the soul of someone who has died, but also for the living, as on anniversaries, birthdays, times of illness, or in thanksgiving. The faithful generally make an offering, called a stipend, to the priest in order to apply the Mass to a specific intention.

The scheduling of Mass intentions at All Saints Parish is done through the parish office. Please note the following:

  • Scheduled Masses — If you are a parishioner and would like to have a Mass offered for someone, please come by the parish library in the church, on Tues.-Wed, Dec. 1-2, from 10:00–11:45 am and 1:00–2:30 pm. To expedite matters, you may come by the parish office and pick up envelopes early and then fill them out at home; in this way when you come in, you’ll be ready to go!There are many requests for the limited number of Masses offered each year. In view of this fact and the size of our parish, to ensure some fairness in the procedure, we are asking that each family limit their Mass Intentions to no more than eight (8) scheduled Masses per year. The customary Mass stipend in the Province of Baltimore, to which the Arlington Diocese belongs, is $10.00.
  • Unscheduled Masses — If you wish to have other Masses offered for an individual or need, an unscheduled Mass will be offered within a short period of time by a priest of the parish or sent to a priest in a seminary, campus ministry, retreat house, or the missions.
  • Purgatorial Society — Deceased family members and friends of our parish may be enrolled as a member of the Purgatorial Society of All Saints Catholic Church, and as such will be remembered in a special Mass each month for one year. Suggested Mass donation is $20.00.
  • All Saints and St. Gabriel Mission — Mass intentions for Masses at All Saints Church will be taken at the All Saints parish office. Mass intentions for Masses at St. Gabriel Mission will be taken at the St. Gabriel Pastoral Center, Manassas Park.

Mass intentions will only be taken Monday – Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For further information, please contact Linda ( or 703-393-1430).

That Man Is You

The new season of That Man Is You, our men’s faith formation program has started. The theme is  “All Things New” based on Christ’s saying,  “Behold, I make all things new.” Group sessions are being held in the Knights of Columbus Hall at 6:00 am on Satudays, finishing promptly at 7:30 am. Virtual sessions are available. To enroll: Call or text Matt Spinosa (703-380-6708). Current enrollees will receive weekly reminder emails.
The Objectives for this Fall: Journeying into the splendor of the Church exposes new depths of Catholic spirituality and devotions. The profundity of the Scriptures sets the stage for renewal of mind and heart – a new creation story, a new Adam, a new Eve, a new covenant and even a new kingdom! Prepare for the practical, the precise, the profound, and even the prophetic!
To see the program layout, on the web see All Things New. To see last week’s session on the web, see The Road to Emmaus with Scott Hahn.

Pastoral Letter:
In Tongues All Can Hear

“The mission of the Church yesterday, today and tomorrow is to evangelize, to broadcast the Good News. From the letters of the Apostles to the cell phone today, the Church’s mission must always be made new, because new ears always await to hear her message. Throughout her history, the Church has adopted new means of communication. As the world has changed, the Church has adapted, finding ways to tell a timeless story, to speak so that people can hear “in their own tongues” a message of hope that is ever new and ever true.”

Please see the Pastoral Letter of Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington entitled, In Tongues All Can Hear | Communicating the Hope of Christ in Times of Trial

In Tongues All Can Hear

Why did Jesus teach through parables?

This week we again hear of the parables of Jesus: weeds among the wheat, a mustard seed, and yeast that makes the dough rise. Parables are a special type of story that are meant to make one point. Parables teach by way of paradox and give us a new insight into life. A parable is a story that draws images and metaphors (using one point of comparison) from the common life of the people.

There is usually an unexpected turn of events in a parable. At the moment of surprise, we are invited to enter into the insight of the parable. Many of the parables of Jesus are drawn from an agrarian society. Modern parables might draw on themes of transportation (e.g., The kingdom of God is like driving on I-66 when another driver lets you merge into the lane …) or commerce (The kingdom of God is like a person who cuts in line in front of everyone else waiting in line to enter Costco or Walmart ….). Think of the parable of the workers paid the same amount at the end of the day, even though they worked various hours. This wisdom teaching of a parable often has a message that we do not want to hear at first and may surprise or even shock us.

Parables allow us to pass through the gate of our own little world into solidarity with the whole human family. The shift is from “the community for me” to “me for the community.”

The parable of the weeds among the wheat is one that may not come to mind at first when we think about parables. However, it leads us to consider our own ways of thinking. For example, the common approach is to pull up all the weeds at once. When we find people doing things wrong, we may want to have them punished severely and immediately. God’s approach is to allow for repentance and conversion. By a patient approach, one is illustrating that we place trust in God, who will ultimately triumph.

The parable recognizes that in taking the freedom away from the person sinning (signified by the weeds) we may also be taking away the freedom for the person who responds justly (signified by the wheat.). Then there would be no response at all to God’s word sown among us! The mystery of God’s kingdom is offered to us. Ponder an aspect of that mystery that you find puzzling or difficult to accept.

Father Lee Roos

All Saints Catholic School: Openings Available

It’s not too late to apply. All Saints Catholic School, our nationally recognized parish school offering Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, has openings available for the upcoming school year. As a student at All Saints, your child will have the opportunity to grow spiritually within our vibrant faith community while excelling academically in an environment that encourages students to become active learners.

60+ Year Tradition of Academic Excellence

  • STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) opportunities, K-8
  • ActivBoards featured in every classroom to promote interactive learning
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • Chromebook and iPad carts for in-class instruction
  • VEX Programming – all 7th and 8th grade students
  • Google Classroom – Middle School
  • Advanced Mathematics (including Algebra)
  • Robotics Club (Middle School and grades 4-5)
  • Spanish for students in grades 1 – 8
  • Middle school Science Lab
  • Extended Day Program offering before and after school care
  • After school activities, including our award-winning Band Program, CYO Sports, Robotics Club, Yearbook, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council Association, and The Little Medical School®  / The Little Veterinarian School®
  • Outstanding and committed faculty and staff – 2014 NCEA Distinguished Teacher Award recipient Mrs. Vickie Coyle and 2019 Prince William Catholic Business Network award recipient Mrs. Suzanne Blair.
  • Recognized as a Top School in the state of Virginia by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Talent Search
  • 2009 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence – U.S. Department of Education

A Foundation in Faith

Empowered by the Spirit, it is our mission to cultivate a Christ-centered community where students develop a relationship with God that will serve as a foundation of faith throughout their lives. Our students live their Catholic faith through prayer and service to others. From student-led prayer to begin and end each day, the Angelus at noon, daily religion class and weekly school mass, our Catholic faith is woven into everything we do at All Saints. The practice of our faith also includes many beloved traditions related to the liturgical calendar, including our Farewell to the Alleluia Prayer Service, 7th Grade Passion Play, and May Crowning.

Community Outreach

All Saints encourages students to care for their neighbor both near and far through on-going community service initiatives. Highlights include:

  • Raising $5,000 through student-led service clubs to build a house in the Dominican Republic
  • National Junior Honor Society sponsored food drives
  • Volunteering at monthly senior citizen luncheons
  • Designing baby blankets for the Tepeyac Center
  • Collecting school supplies for area families
  • Making Rosary beads
  • Stocking shelves at the Bethany Food Pantry
  • Collecting mittens to benefit SERVE
  • Fundraising drives to support Paul VI Options Program
  • Red Ribbon Week to benefit Youth for Tomorrow
  • Greeting card campaigns for our troops

Take a Tour Today!

To find out more or to schedule a tour of All Saints Catholic School, please contact Mrs. Joyce D’Eugenio at (703) 393-1490 or

Listen on the Go

Did you know that All Saints has a subscription to a wonderful resource for adult faith formation called New programs, movies, audio talks, and e-books are available to stream at your convenience through All Saints’ subscription to

Our parish access code is 16e125. Use this to set up your login credentials and check out everything available in this resource.

Eucharistic Adoration

Take one hour before the Blessed Sacrament exposed for public prayer in our chapel. Needs for adorers are:

  • Wednesday 6:00–7:00 pm; 8:00–9:00 pm
  • Saturday 2:00 – 3:00 am; 3:00–4:00 am

Information: Aime ( or 703-392-5260). Adorers, when you arrive at the chapel, please sign-in for your time slot so we know that the time is covered.