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All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, VA is privileged and blessed to have a new church building, and a newly-renovated pipe organ. Approximately 13 years ago, the original Opus 6376 was purchased from the Wicks Organ Company of Highland, Illinois for All Saints, with the intention of one day moving it into a new church.

The organ is a hybrid instrument, comprised of pipework, and digital voices. The pipework, and console were built by Wicks, and the digital voices are a product of the Walker Technical Company of Zionsville, PA.

During the design period for our new church, every attempt was made to ensure that we retained as much of the current organ as possible. In the fall of 2008, All Saints entered into a contract with the Wicks Organ Company for a redesign and expansion of the current instrument for the new church.

The Organ Design

Organ Console 1All of the pipework in the existing organ was kept, and the console (keyboards, pedal board, stops) were also retained and enlarged. The wood case of the original organ did not match the woodwork of the new church, nor can it be fitted to accommodate the new space. Two new identical pipe towers were built, which match the wood stain of the altar area, and fit in the space on either side of the altar. Within these towers contain the revoiced pipework, ten additional ranks of pipes, upgraded digital voices, and an array of new digital voices.

The enlarged stoplist features a wide range of voices in different tonal colors that are used to accompany the choir and the congregation, as well as to play solo organ literature. New Organ - ChamadeFull MIDI features are included as well as solid-state memory and a play-back system. Mounted high above the baptismal font on the back wall the sanctuary is a horizontal fanfare trumpet. Additionally, the bell tower carillon by the Verdin Bell Company is also controllable from the organ console.

Supporting Our Music Ministry

The renovated organ was delivered and installed by Wicks in July of 2010, and was completed in-time for the Dedication Mass on August 14. Together, this updated and expanded version of our organ gloriously adorns the liturgical life of our vibrant parish community. In addition to the main organ, a Wicks digital organ was installed at All Saints.

This two-keyboard organ was installed in our Blessed Sacrament Chapel where it is used for smaller liturgies. The organ was formally dedicated in a recital on June 23, 2011 by Dr. Jeremy Filsell, artist-in-residence at the Washington National Cathedral.Sanctuary pic of the organ 2

Timothy Lewicki
Director of Music and Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries
All Saints Catholic Church
Manassas, VA

Organ Dedication Recital Program and Stop List

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